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The Benelux EPR Society came to existence when researchers from Flanders in 1993 joined the Dutch EPR Discussion Group in Nijmegen. The year after, a meeting was organized at Ghent University. Since then, yearly one-day meetings have been organized, alternatingly in Belgium and in The Netherlands. The meeting is open to all researchers from or with close relations to the Benelux (Belgium – The Netherlands – Luxembourg) applying and/or developing EPR spectroscopy in their research. At present, groups at 8 universities in Belgium and The Netherlands are active in this society, which also has good connections with the European Federation of EPR Groups (EFEPR) and the International EPR Society (IES).

EPR or Electron Paramagnetic Resonance refers to the resonance absorption of microwaves by molecules or defects/impurities in materials with unpaired electrons (further referred to as paramagnetic centers) in the presence of an external magnetic field. It allows to quantify such paramagnetic centers and provides fine details of their molecular geometric and electronic structure.

The main aim of the Benelux EPR Society is to exchange scientific knowledge and expertise and to promote collaboration between EPR research groups and groups occasionally using EPR in their research in the Benelux. This is accomplished by one-day meetings organized each year. This website also aims to serve academic or other research groups and industry with research questions that might be solved with EPR spectroscopy. For this we refer to the specific websites of the groups active in the Benelux EPR Society.

Would you like to be informed about upcoming meetings or would like to be mentioned as EPR lab in the Benelux, please leave your contact details, and we will take contact with you.

Yearly Benelux EPR Society Meetings

The next meeting is scheduled at May 25, 2022. It is organized by the Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Research Group (Bernard Gallez) in Bruxelles.

Deadline for registration and abstracts for contributions: May 8, 2022.

Involved EPR research groups

In Belgium

University of Antwerp

Nanostructured and Organic Optical and Electronic Materials (NANOrOPT)
Contact: Sofie Cambré

Biophysics and Biomedical Physics (BIMEF)
Contact: Sabine Van Doorslaer

Ghent University

Electron Magnetic Resonance group (EMR)
Contact: Henk Vrielinck

Catholic University of Leuven

Laboratory for Semiconductor Physics
Contact: André Stesmans

University of Liège

Center for Education and Research on Macromolecules (CERM)

Center for Oxygen, Research and Development (CORD)

Catholic University of Louvain – Brussels

Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Research Group (REMA)
Nuclear and Electron Spin Technologies platform (NEST)
Contact: Bernard Gallez

In The Netherlands

Technical University of Delft

Department of Biotechnology – Section Biocatalysis
Peter-Leon Hagedoorn: website
Fred Hagen: website

Leiden University

LION – Biological & Soft Matter – Martina Huber Lab
Contact: Martina Huber

Maastricht University

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences – Toxicogenomics
Contact: Jacco Briedé J.J. website

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